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Boric Acid Suppositories for Yeast Infections and BV

Boric acid suppositories have long been used as a highly effective solution for vaginal infections, and medical research on the topic dates back over 25 years. It has been used for vaginal yeast infections when conventional antifungal medications no longer work or are considered a nuisance. It has been reported that boric acid is effective in helping up to 98% of patients who have previously failed to respond to conventional antifungal medications. Since boric acid acts as a mild antiseptic, antifungal, and antiviral agent, it is commonly used in the form of suppositories which is inserted in the vagina to treat a yeast infection. It is estimated that 75% of all women are likely to develop such infections over their lifetime, and about half of them will likely experience recurrent episodes. This simple and inexpensive suppository inserted in the vagina may provide relief.

Several published reports show that a 600 mg vaginal suppository provides symptomatic relief in just 24 hours. It takes approximately 10 days of treatment (one 600 mg suppository capsule inserted in the morning and another in the evening) to wipe out the infection. If the problem returns, an additional two to three days might be needed. Treatment for active yeast infections with boric acid requires that one capsule be inserted as deeply as possible into the vagina in the morning and evening for about five to ten days. Women who suffer from recurrent yeast infections may use one capsule vaginally at bedtime twice weekly for prevention beginning two weeks prior to the start of your period.

How can I prevent my next yeast infection?

As in all things medical, prevention is always easier than treatment. Yeast infections and BV are no exception to this rule. With a bit of planning and lifestyle change, prevention may be possible for you. Any situation that disturbs the pH as well as the normal bacteria that live in the vagina can predispose you to an infection. Normal vaginal pH is 3.8 to 4.5. When the vaginal mucosa pH extends one way or the other on this narrow scale range, Candida Albicans ( major cause of yeast infection) or other opportunistic bacteria can overtake the vagina leaving you with the telltale odor, itch, burning and misery of an infection. Antibiotic use, excessive moisture or warmth, menses, excessive alcohol or sugar intake, intercourse, tampons, scented soaps and feminine hygiene products all have an impact of the vaginal environment. Some of these factors are modifiable and some are not. Think of your vagina as a bucket. If you fill the bucket with a bit of water here and there eventually the bucket will overflow. Keep adding triggers for your yeast infection and eventually your vagina will do the same. What can you do to prevent rather than treat your next flare up?

  • No douching. Your vagina is able to clean and regulate itself through the normal vaginal fluids that it creates and expels.
  • Practice good hygiene by always wiping front to back.
  • Feminine deodorant sprays, scented pads or tampons, colored or perfumed toilet paper, bubble bath, or scented body wash all contain dyes and perfumes which disrupt your vaginal pH. These should be avoided.
  • Your vagina is a dark and moist place which needs air circulation to regulate itself. Underwear that are tight fitting and non cotton disrupt this process. Consider going commando at night.
  • Avoid wearing tight fitting clothing for prolonged periods of time.
  • Limit excessive sugar and alcohol intake especially when your body is being bombarded by other influencing factors such as intercourse or menses.
  • Change out of wet bathing suits and exercise clothing as soon as possible.
  • Change tampons and feminine pads frequently during menses.
  • Use the bathroom after intercourse. Consult your physician to rule out diabetes or other medical diagnoses if persistent yeast infections occur.
  • Always remember to have your BoriCap on hand, especially on vacation!

Despite the best prevention tactics, infections will occur. More than 75% of women will experience a yeast infection in their lifetime and for many women this is recurring. Over time with BoriCap use, you will develop a pattern of use that is individualized for your body. For some women, this is daily suppository insertion for the 2 weeks leading up to their menses. For other women, it is suppository use while on vacation and swimming or after intercourse. With paying close attention to how your vagina feels, many full blown infections can be avoided.

How to insert vaginal suppositories

By Hand:

  1. Wash hands with soap and warm water prior to handling suppositories.
  2. Gently push the suppository deep into the vagina (approximately 1"-2”) with a clean finger.
  3. Wash hands again with soap and warm water.
With an applicator:

If inserting a suppository with your finger is inconvenient or uncomfortable, we offer a 7 pack of reusable applicators for hygienic and correct placement of size 00 suppositories. Printed instructions are included with the the applicators. To reuse applicators, wash with warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Allow to dry before next use and store in a clean place. Use of any other cleaning products including alcohol has not been studied.

Special Circumstances

For women who experience vaginal dryness, a suppository may be difficult to insert and or may not fully dissolve. Vaginal fluids are needed to help the gelatin capsule dissolve when it is exposed to fluids at body temperature. Using a water based vaginal lubricant will help to alleviate both problems.

BoriCap can be used during your period. It is our recommendation to place a suppository at bedtime and then use a feminine pad as opposed to a tampon to allow for adequate flow of capsule contents after they have been dispersed throughout the vagina.

Boric acid usage has not been studied in pregnancy or in breastfeeding mothers. For this reason, we cannot recommend usage of the product in these circumstances.

Does boric acid have any side effects?

When used as a vaginal suppository, boric acid can cause cause irritation, and or slight burning in a small percentage of women. These symptoms are aggravated in women who experience vaginal dryness. A watery discharge may occur several hours after use and can be best managed by using a feminine pad. If taken by mouth (internally), in open wounds, or by children, boric acid is toxic. It should be never swallowed. Boric acid should be kept out of reach of children.

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Products for Yeast Infections and BV

Boric Acid Suppositories 600mg each

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Boric Acid Suppository Applicator for Size 00

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