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Customer Feedback

I never EVER write reviews because I'm just too lazy but I want to get down on my knees and thank God and this company for creating such a wonderful product. I have been dealing with bv/ yeast for 4 months and it's finally gone! This has been a true blessing to be able to finally be back to my old self!"

This product is a lifesaver. As many have said before, I could find nothing that worked. I was also so tired of making an appointment and having to go into the doctor every time I needed a prescription to cope with the BV only to have it return anyway. I was under instruction from my physician to use this for three weeks, and I have never felt better and fresher! Also, the customer service is fantastic."

While chatting with the new receptionist at my doctor's office, she suggested BoriCap. She whispered like she wasn't supposed to tell me but I'm super grateful she did. I eventually felt confident to get my groove on again and yes, my symptoms came back but I had some on hand and was able to treat it right away. Glad I had it and I didn't have to suffer. This truly is the only thing that's worked for me, I won't bother with anything else ever again."

I have to say I have struggled for more than 10 years with BV. I’ve been embarrassed at work due to a horrible odor, I had to leave jobs. I’ve struggled with relationships and I’ve stayed away from gathering and functions just to spare myself the embarrassment. Since using BoriCap I’ve noticed a huge change this product has been a blessing for me. Sincerely a Happy Customer!"