KE Health started as a doctor / patient relationship 15 years ago, and developed into a close friendship. Conversations with a friend who is a doctor can get personal, and interesting to say the least, when that friend is a Gynecologist. We often discussed how life changing Boric Acid Suppositories are, both from a doctor and patient perspective. The doctor originally started studying the simplicity and effectiveness of boric acid suppositories 25 years ago, and the patient’s life was changed when freed of chronic infections.

We knew that there was a better way to get this product into the hands of consumers looking for a solution to their chronic problems. Over many months and a strong friendship, KE Health was formed out of passionate patient care, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Since 2014 we have shipped BoriCap to thousands of customers around the world. Although we think of ourselves as silent ninjas battling the fight against yeast infections and BV, we do enjoy the emails that come from clients thanking us for lightning fast shipping, and for helping them overcome something that has plagued them since their teens.

Our goal is to provide products that are superior, delight customers with superb service, and help women achieve better quality of life.

Maria, Danica, Co-owners


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